Tradition that lasts

The racecourse at ‘Careva Cuprija’ is the oldest sports facility in Belgrade. By the Decree of King Alexander dated 15th November 1920, the Danube riders society ‘Knez Mihajlo’ was allotted the state land free of a lease for a period of 75 years, "for the purpose of fulfilling the need for the permanent racetrack for public horse games". The Decree was published in the Official Gazette number 272 on 7th December 1921. This was the year when the first gallop Derby race and the first City of Belgrade race were held and since then, they have become traditional. In September 1930 the first unofficial trotting races took place on the racetrack.

Creation of JP „Hipodrom Beograd“

By the regulation of Ministry Council dated 3rd September 1934 the same land was leased to the Danube riders society for a period of 75 years with a fee of 1 (one) dinar per year, under the conditions provided by the resolution of the Lord Minister of Forestry and Mining - number 13.576 dated 11th July 1934. The management of the racecourse was abolished in 1949, after the nationalization. The hippodrome was named ‘Belgrade Racecourse’. On several occasions, it changed the legal status and activity, until finally by the decision of the City of Belgrade it changed its form of the organization into PE ‘Belgrade Racecourse’ on 29th February 2008.