Maintenance of green areas

JP Hippodrome Belgrade has a Technical Service, which, in addition to other tasks it performs, also maintains green areas of approximately 24ha, which are under the jurisdiction of the Company. Of course, this includes the appropriate equipment (tank truck, tractors with appropriate attachments, scythes, mowers…), so that our team is fully equipped for mowing and maintaining greenery on areas up to 30 ha.

If you have needs for this type of service (mowing, maintenance of green and park areas, etc.), you will not go wrong if you contact us.

Organization of events for companies

The modern business environment cannot be imagined without various happenings, events, celebrations, team building, and similar events organized by leading companies in Serbia. Also, marketing agencies are constantly looking for adequate spaces to organize some of these events for their clients. Belgrade and its surroundings, unfortunately, do not have enough new, undiscovered spaces, but almost all manifestations of this type take place in only a few spaces in the city and its immediate surroundings.

With this in mind, JP Hippodrome Belgrade started to meet its events and started organizing such activities. Our reference list already includes some of the leading companies on the Serbian market. We are trained to organize for clients:

  • Sporting events
  • Team–buildings
  • Open space parties
  • Exhibitions
  • Shows
  • Company days

and similar events, including the possibility of organizing catering, lunch, dinner, cocktails, even accommodation for participants, in cooperation with representative hotels in our immediate vicinity.

If you are in the mood to organize a spectacular event of your company in the very center of Belgrade, and again in a green oasis at the foot of Košutnjak, please contact us.

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