Caffe "Kraljeva tribina"

Overlooking the finishing line of our gallop track, you will find ‘Kraljeva tribina’, a café which presents the central place of the Belgrade racecourse. Here you shall find the owners and trainers cheering their favorites, you can be a witness of triumphs and you can also hear all the small talk and comments on horse racing. Also, during the ‘Ladies’ Day’ you can see the most daring hats and the most elegant outfits.

During ordinary days, ‘Kraljeva tribina’ is a quiet and pleasant café, especially when the outdoor season is open. During summer nights you can enjoy the clubbing atmosphere and famous DJ sets.

Restaurant "Uzelac"

Immediately after entering the premises of the Belgrade Racecourse, the first building to your right is the famous restaurant ‘Uzelac’. You will find various traditional grilled local dishes on their menu, but ‘Uzelac’ is the place best known for its roasted lamb!

Business clients, families, and local folks fill up the place every day, especially from early spring till late autumn during the outdoor season, so it would be a good idea to make reservations in advance, from May till late September.

Restaurant "Princ Hipodrom"

In the central part of the Hippodrome, you will find the national restaurant "Princ Hipodrom". Above all, this is the place to taste the grill dishes! Traditional specialities made of minced meat like ‘ćevapi’, ‘leskovački uštipci’, ‘vešalica’ or handmade sausages, are fresh and skillfully prepared! You can start your meal with one of the owner-produced fruit brandies (quince and apricot), you should continue with domestic thick veal soup, and then, instead of grilled meat, you may ask for the dish of the day and be served a generous portion of meatballs in the tomato sauce or the traditional stuffed wine leaf - ‘sarma’ served with yoghurt. If you are brave enough, finish your meal with some traditional sweets - ‘orasnice’ or ‘suva pita’ would be a good choice.

Do not expect a fancy atmosphere at "Princ Hipodrom" (even though you can see a celebrity face every now and then). This is rather a very relaxed and friendly place with excellent national food.

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